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Get inspired by the rich beauty of royal living!

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Introducing a new collection from BN and Marcel Wanders that inspires a life of luxury. Indulge your senses and elevate your interiors with contemporary designs that reflect the rich beauty of royal living. As our perception of the past becomes distorted, the opportunity to redefine it emerges. Browsing the collection, you will see how the deep shades of silk, smooth curtains, spectacularly ornate ceilings and the carved marble of lavish palaces reveal their inspiration. Now reimagined and reinterpreted, the customary adornment of nobility inspires today’s Neo Royal Collection.

“We're designing new wall coverings to reawaken the traditions of aristocracy. Through the artful mixing and matching of patterns of stately fashion, we are grandly presenting historic decorative elements in the modern age,” says Marcel Wanders.

Bold and masculine designs, deep hues and expressive, hand-painted damask create for you an exciting and authentic life. Experience eclectic visual elements coming together in a blend of velvet and gold appliqués as our feminine side of the collection presents similar materials in light airy champagne tones. These patterns are elegant and refined, featuring delicate gold aquarelle drops, sparkling gems and flawless pearls.

“Everything kings and queens surrounded themselves with has given us a wide assortment of luxurious colours and materials to give today's buyer the chance to live the most lavish lifestyle,” adds our Creative Director, Gabriele Chiave.

From the metallic embellishments to custom embossing, BN’s sophisticated printing technology brings Marcel Wanders' contemporary layered artwork to life. With such an extensive collection of 14 designs in more than 62 colourways featuring hand-painted appointments, you can create a more personalised home interior full of character, surprise and excitement. Bienvenue au monde royal!


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Neo Royal collection, by Marcel Wanders for BN International, 2017



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